CONFESSIONAL: Vivienne Westwood


Why dye buy dat? Here, I’ll tell you.

Unphased by the cool or trendy, Dame Vivienne Westwood paves her own bad-ass path in high-brow fashion. “Irrelevant,” “off-the-mark” and “unrelatable” are some words often used to tear down her thought-driven work. And as beautiful as I personally find Vivienne Westwood creations to be, it’s the brand’s rebellious spirit that most resonates with me. An outsider bravado in the bland-bland-BLAND world of menswear that feels very familiar to me and Solestruck Mens’ bizarre style. Cool in its un-cool ness. I mean, did anybody else notice Vivienne getting cut off at her OWN MET Gala trying to bring light to actual issues while interviewers were just more interested in what she was wearing or what color her nails were!? Such a glorious punk, that lady. It’s why, season after season, I support the Vivienne Westwood initiative. Furthermore, those Italy-made plastic brogues and loafers are killer:


And if we’re gonna get even more personal… hang on to your seats because I’m about to drive us straight into Psycho Town:


In 2004, to the horror of millions, Gwen Stefani decided she was too pop for rock, ditched No Doubt and came out with the iconic (let me repeat: ICONIC) “Love Angel Music Baby” album. If you had any real musical taste, then you carried on with life as per usual. But if you were me, you were re-born. That album, from start to finish, defined my teen years. The sound, the performances, the utterly flaming make up–everything. Don’t ask me why, because I really can’t explain.

In “Harajuku Girls” (life anthem to be honest) Gwen name-drops Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Bape, Hysteric Glamour and, of course, Vivienne Westwood. Thereby solidifying it on my permanent list of holy fashion brands.

Makes sense, right? Great.


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