confessions of a JC fan.

This confession was sent to us by a JC fan/Solestruck client over twitter.


  • http://Website Micha

    I’m on a shoe ban for a month, but today I saw the 15% off and had to peek at solestruck. Now I’m waiting for my Daisy D wedges to arrive. If I’m going to be stuck my lightning, at least I’ll have cute shoes on!!

    • ty

      Shoe-ban, what’s that? Sounds awful. Come to the DARKSIDE micha.

  • Tatiria

    I do nasty thaangs with my debit card. Like buy the JC American flag Lita ;) .

    • ty

      You are FILTHY Tatiria! How do they feel? Amazing?

  • Talisa

    HA! Nobody understanding you Lita but we do…long live JC


    Jeffrey Campbell is the best addiction I’ve ever had.