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1.Creepers, platform stilettos or wedges?

Definitely Creepers, or anything with a stacked platform. I think a creeper bottom can take any shoe upper (quite literally) to the next level. When creepers made their way back onto the map, I feel like they started as an almost ironic and nostalgic throw-back, but over the last few seasons they’ve definitely become somewhat of a modern classic.

2.How many pairs of shoes do you own? Do you feel that shoes make an outfit?

I actually think I only own about 14 pairs in total. I go through phases of wearing the same few pairs for months at a time and playing with how a pair of shoes can transform an outfit and vice-versa. So to answer the second part of the question, I think it can definitely go both ways. I like to wear a lot of blacks and greys so sometimes a colorful or more interesting shoe can really make your entire look stand-out.

3.What shoe’s would you say are your go-to shoes when having a night on the town and why?

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so my black leather SF Huaraches come with me wherever I go. When I first got my pair, they were strictly a daytime shoe, but I’ve surprised myself with how much I enjoy wearing them out. I’ve started pairing them with colorful patterned socks, which looks super-nerdy, but in that mid-90s Lollapalooza kind of way. When I need to take things up a notch, the men’s Areas definitely make a statement, especially when I’m not in NYC. They were the perfect match for the vintage Nine Inch Nails t-shirt I found in LA a few weeks ago.

(conor on location for the jeffrey campbell f/w 2011 lookbook )

4.Would you mind sharing a bit of the process that goes into designing a desirable shoe?

The boys that follow Jeffrey Campbell aren’t necessarily looking for your everyday men’s shoe, so it allows us to think a little bit outside the box. At the same time, a lot of guys shop for necessity, so we want to make sure we have all our bases covered.  So at the beginning of the design process, we’re focused on what our guys are asking us for, whether it be actual requests we get via twitter or facebook, or trends we see developing. Sadly, the options out their for guys are a bit limited, so my job is to not only bring our boys what they want, but also something they can’t really get anywhere else.

5.What was the inspiration behind the Jeffery Campbell “Switch Blade” and can we expect more men heels?

switchblade shoe

The Switchblade was a part of our “Oh Boy” campaign along with the Lita and Areas. The first run was a surprise hit, so I think it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing some more men’s heels soon!

6. Where do you expect the Jeffery Campbell brand to be in 10 yrs?

I really feel like the sky is the limit with the JC brand. My main hope is that we continue to make our JC Girls and JC Boys happy with the product we bring them. And I’d love to see a shoe with a jet-pack, or a shoe that walks for you!

7. Will the Jeffery Campbell brand ever open a Flagship Store?

We would never want to create competition for our smaller stores and boutiques. But watch out for our pop-up store under the BQE overpass next fall!


Admiring Conor for not only is amazing designing ideas for the JC mens, but for is perplexed sense of dark fashion as a whole. I’m happy to find someone else who goes through shoe phases- as do i.   I could wear the same pair of shoes everyday for about 3 months straight without even thinking about any other shoes. I’m also very excited to know that there will be more mens heels coming from the Jeffrey Campbell camp! Be sure to keep your eyes open guys – and make room in you’re closet. I smell something amazing brewing!