First off, I’m gonna take a minute to send a mass text-esque thank you to everyone who entered, in fact, so many of you sent in the most jaw-dropping, heart wrenching, squeal inducing Valentines that we had to take some extra time to figure out who the hell we should pick!

With 150+ entries, you sweet babes gave us a serious tooth ache (literally, too! so much candy, we’ve all gained 10lbs). I couldn’t bear the weight of choosing the winner myself, so I opened it up to an office poll and it was an extremely hard choice, but our two winners of one shoe upto $500 each are..


Stephanie Derengowski
Your hand-drawn and completely accurate depiction of Miley and her oh so famous giraffe tongue adorned with 3-d roses, jewels, and stickers totally impressed us right off the bat, but then BAM! We open it up and what’s inside? A freakin’ hand made banner and glitter balloons!

unnamed (10)

In your email, you told us that in Japan it’s believed to be good luck to fold 1,000 paper cranes, but for V-Day, you folded us a 1,000 paper hearts along with saga seeds that are picked for lovers, not to mention the cute little note! We’re so touched that you took the time to make us such a sweet and time consuming valentine! You definitely deserve a little treat.


If you know us by now, we act all tough, but inside we’re basically big ol’ softies. I wanted to go all Oprah on this bitch and give each and every one of you a little something for your hard work, but unfortunately we’re not your little bro’s T-ball team. We are, however, giving away a secondary little gift to our favs that couldn’t win the golden ticket.. These three babes each win a $100 credit towards any one, in stock shoe on our site!

Okay, go ahead and tell us you love us now!


Alexis Rittenhouse
Your shrinky dinks off The Simpsons, ghoul cum, flowers, and other magical treasures made my teenage heart cry with joy. BTW, I’m keeping all of these for myself and decorating my desk with them!


Amy Tyree
Your box wowed us and it was almost like opening a treasure chest, if said treasure chest was filled with unicorns, badass candy hearts, cookies, and suckers (which are not pictured in this photo because we ate them all as soon as we opened this). P.S. Thanks for not baking razor blades into those cookies.


Bailey Elizabeth
I mean.. how could we not? It’s a cat calendar, a catvent calendar!! Hand drawn (and might we say beautiful) cats wearing Solestruck shoes with descriptions on the back! WE. DIED.


You should be receiving an email from us shortly!

Thanks babes!

  • David M.

    Yes! Congratulations to the winners, you really deserve to win. I couldn’t say I almost cryed when I didn’t saw my name, but at the same time I’m happy for you! Big kiss, and to the ones who lost just never give up :)

  • Amy Tyree

    Thank you pretties!
    I love that all of you are so heartfelt, sweet, and bitchen!
    Love you shoe goddesses!

    • Shelley

      Hey babe! We couldn’t find your email address anywhere on your valentine- could you please email us at Thank you!

  • Alexis Rittenhouse

    Hi! I am so excited- but I realized I didn’t leave my email :( it’s

    • Shelley

      Ahhh thanks so much for commenting! We tried to go all super sleuth and find your email in our system but nothing came up. Will be emailing you in just a few!

  • bailey elizabeth

    omg! no way!!!! so stoked, thanks so much you guys! glad you liked the catvent calendar. i don’t think i included my email in my letter or anything to you guys, so hopefully you’ll see it here!

  • Stephanie Derengowski

    I love you Sole Struck!! I’m so glad you liked my valentine!!

  • Piper

    omg! everything is to die for! damn you’ve got some creative customers ;)