We are rounding out our CYBER MONDAY and BLACK FRIDAY super sale! There are tons of great shoes to choose from—and amazing deals to be had. As the day continues you can take an additional 50% off all the sale items by entering the code below! 50%!! Please note the following:

Enter the CODE in ALL CAPS.
Discount only taken on Sale items.
If you have any troubles attaching the discount to your purchase or checking out email and we will walk you through it to make sure you get your shoes!

We had a few glitches early with heavy traffic—should be all fixed now, but let us know if we can help in anyway!

  • Fanny

    To let you know, the issue has not been sorted out, I still have a pending transaction for full priced shoes. I have sent an e-mail to no avial and also every time I called, I did not get solestruck, I got other customers with the same problem. Today when I called, I got a message that you are gone until after the new year! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? REALLY?

  • Patricia

    Still cannot get through to Solestrucks’ 1-800 number, nor have I received an email response concerning my transaction issue. How can I get through to your company to make sure everything is cleared up???

  • admin

    Ouch! We will get every order fixed today no matter how long it takes and reply to every email. Promise. We appreciate your patience!