Da Bomb

Since watching this Lisa Frank video, we can’t stop reminiscing about the 90′s. We were so eager to leave the decade behind, but now that we’ve gotten far enough away, we really miss it.

I mean, what’s not to love.

I was more Stephanie Tanner age than Brenda Walsh back in the 90′s. Wearing Blossum-esque outfits rather than Courtney Love, heroin-chic looks. I love fun florals, double denim, and¬†floppy hats as much as the next person but I’ve always been bummed I didn’t get the chance to totally grunge out.

I’m making up for it now with the Coltrane. They’re pretty much da bomb.

I’ve been rocking these babies with tie-dye tights, ripped up jean shorts, oversize sweaters and a beanie. Yep, so 90′s.

You know you love it.

images via Tumblr