No, not this one. We wish!

Das Boot by Unif

However; you can have some fun with this Das Boot, too. Fun fact: The heel caps are removable, which lead us to this..

No room to stash your glue stick at school? No problem! You’ve got DAS BOOT.

Don’t want your perfume to leak in your bag? Problem solved!

For the mini mogul..

Never lose your headphones again!

For getting past the bouncer with your booze..

For the accident prone. Guilty!

For lipstick emergencies..

For keychains that are just too awesome not to display..

Dolla dolla bills, y’all!

For when you just really need a kit kat break..

When you wanna get real fancy!

And for when you just need a litte crystal healing in your life.

So.. this is what we’ve accomplished today. Yep.

  • ロビン

    Wow i didn’t know you could put things in the heel! definitely gonna get these before i get the hellbounds… haha love it~