DAY 1. Copenhagen.

After a canceled flight, a change of plans, an unplanned layover in Belgium and a long shower at our hotel in Copenhagen, we made time to knock out some appointments today. Everyone in Denmark is putting their best fashion-foot forward for this show–we saw some vendors, scouted some new lines and wrote some small orders. But as the afternoon jet-lag kicked in—-we hit a wall—and we were left wondering…..are the below shoes genius, amazing, and worthy of a test run on our site? Or…..are we tired, crazy and insane? We turn to you our loyal fans! Make it, or Break it? Discuss….comments please!

  • Lisa

    LOVE the ankle boot on the far left. It’s clean and modern shape works well with the architectural heel(reminds me of the traditional japanese wooden sandals). I think too many details makes the shoe too busy, but with simple styling these shoes would be AMAZING!

  • http://Website Lisa

    *far right (blonde moment :D )

  • http://Website Sandra

    Love the look, and I wish I could rock them, but I know I couldn’t do ‘em justice and would end up looking weird. So, fantastic design, but would I buy them? Probably not.

  •!/profile.php?id=1031010068 Natalia Perzyna

    Bring them into the Solestruck Family this collection needs to fight the elders!
    i want them!

  • Rebecca

    The far right would be my newest disfunctional-but-can’t-stay-away relationship. No matter how many times it left me in the hospitail, I’d always come back.

  • Nickie Frye

    My first thought is, “no”. I don’t hate them though.

  • http://Website Jenni

    I’ve been waiting for a US vendor to carry Trippen’s “Happy” line for AGES! Sign me up for at least 2 pairs!

  • Aimee

    Even if I wasn’t supposed to, I would wear the ones to the far right. I love that clean cut of an ankle boot and the bottoms just take them to another level.

  • Sarah

    I like the mary janes and the open-toed shoes, but it would depend on how easy the cords are to tie. They look really thick and like they wouldn’t stay tied.

  • Calla

    I’m in love with all of them except the tallest boot and would totally wear them because of the heel(s). -LOVE- the look of the ties on the MJ and open toe. Reminds me of tires and smooth Twizzler. Who makes these?

  • Phi

    Yes yes yes to Trippen’s geta-inspired heels. The Scene is my favorite (though I prefer a 5 inch heel instead of Trippen’s usual 2-ish inches)

  • http://Website amanda

    sorry, but no way!

  • Isis

    YES YES YES to the boot on the far right. the other ones are a little too busy but the one on the far right is just the right amount of crazy/wearable.

  • Katharine

    Personally, I am more into some of the Wood styles (on their site right now – the Hutu and the Mogami, for example) but certainly Trippen is a super-cool line.

  • http://Website Samm

    please please please… i’m having a bit of a love affair with those bad boys on the right and the other little boot is just delicious