Deal of the Week – Hunter Festival Lace Boot $69.95!

There has been a significant recent trend towards work (or work inspired) footwear.  The classic Redwing Boots and soon Docs are starting to hit the streets.  Maybe the trend is derived from our economic situation (soup lines anyone?), or maybe from our country’s blue-collar work roots.  Either way, quality craftsmanship and enduring style make both good choices.  This is why we sell Hunter Boots.  They are simply the best rainboots we have encountered.  Three colors (Red, Black, & Dark Olive) of the Hunter Festival Lace Boot are in stock.  This is a great unisex rainboot for guys & gals to wear out in the nasty weather.  MSRP for this boot is $145.  We try to give our customers a fair shake, so we were selling it at $129.95.  The special sale price of $69.95 (with free shipping!) will only be good now through Friday Feb. 6.  Keep your feet dry!

In 1986, Hunter is awarded a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty The Queen.

The boot has also given its name to the welly boot dance, said to have been performed by miners in Africa to keep their spirits up whilst working.

1,185,036 pairs of Hunter Boots were made during WWI for the British soldiers to keep dry in flooded trenches.

1,185,036 pairs of Hunter Boots were made during WWI for the British soldiers to keep dry in flooded trenches.

Checkout the Hunter Boots site for more info.


  • Chez Shoes

    How is the sizing on these – do they run true to size, or are they on the big side? I wear a Euro 36 (small US 6) and I’ve yet to find a pair of wellies that is small enough!

  • Bryce

    The run pretty true to size. I wear a size 9 – 9.5 and the size 10 is perfect. I would suggest ordering one size larger than normal to accommodate for a pair of thick socks or these fleece cozies (that we will soon have for sale on solestruck).

  • Elizabeth

    Great price for some awesome boots!

  • Casey

    Lovely boots! Lovely price! I might just have to pick myself up a pair.

  • Joni

    I was so glad to find Red Hunter Festival Laceups at Solestruck after weeks of searching. Ordered them last week and they should arrive on Monday.

    BUT now, I am SO SAD to see that if I had stumbled on your Web site just one week sooner, I could have saved $60!

    Maybe you should take down the special offers once they are past. What we don’t know won’t hurt us, but it’s hard not to feel bad at missing out on a great dead.

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