Our search for two guest bloggers for the end of 2012 was a hot one. With over 200 submissions we were seeking two unique bloggers who really told their own style-stories on their respective blogs. We were captivated by the stream of consciousness and tightly organized style posts from Enocha Tellus, the author, model, muse, voice, and stylist of her style focused blog is amazing. She tackles trends, makes them her own, and offers her readers tips on brands she loves, DIY she is craving, must have items, and a look at how she puts it all together effortlessly. Her blog is a visual mega-score of how-to for the trend seeker in us all. Check her out below—and stay tuned for her cameo right here on our blog this month!

[Putting her best foot forward, Tellus tosses in some vintage for an added kick.]

1. Who is your celebrity crush?

I don’t really have a celebrity crush but Ideally if I had the power to create a fusion of a couple men, I think I would create the perfect human.

2. Why are you the next Solestruck guest blogger?

I’ve watched Solestruck start as a small brand and blossom into this power house and I would love to contribute to the awesomeness. Oh and I’m amazing :-)

3. It’s 10pm on a Friday night what are you doing and where the hell are you?

Riding in my drop top cruising the streets with a pretty young thing waiting for me.
4. Where is your dream holiday destination?

A private island. Pretend living that celebrity life on St. Barts.

5. Tell us one secret about yourself!

I used to be a man! Uh…I don’t know lol. I am the self proclaimed queen of the Flying Monkey Club because of an epic fall I had in a hotel in Atlanta where I tripped over a couch flew into the air and landing face first onto the couch for all the world to see. Pretty smooth if I must say so myself. So anytime someone has an epic fall such as myself, I personally induct them into the Flying Monkey Club.

Enocha Tellus will be turning up the style heat on our blog during the month of December. While we get her first post up and prepped, check out her main blog–which is a feast for the eyes, over at Stay tuned her more……Happy December!



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