December is here, and while this month is full of chaos, fun, booze fueled holiday events and more glitter than I am comfortable discussing—we just had to end the year with two guest bloggers. We opened up for submissions in November, and we received so many amazing submissions that we actually found a Guest blogger for January too! (more on her later!) We want to thank everyone who applied and sent in their submissions. We would like to take a few quick seconds to introduce one-by-one our guest bloggers for the month of December. First up—

Meet Kate, AKA Katarzyna Ambroziak,  the voice and muse behind

Based in Warsaw Poland she loves challenging her readers to see the difference between style and fashion.

We fell in love with  her hard-edged street inspired  looks and on point styling. Get it girl!

Um—are we going to Warsaw in 2013? Guess so!

You will be seeing a lot more of Kate on our blog in the month to come—but here are her answers to our Guest Blogger questionaire—take a peak and get ready for her debut right here on!
Who is your celebrity crush? not surprising: johnny depp with his lovely hairy face and messy tattoos. ricky hall is at the 2nd place. probably same reasons. both got style.
Why are you the next Solestruck guest blogger? Because i’ve been in love with fashion and shoes since i was 5. i stole my mother’s black, leather, high heeled over the knees boots, paired them with my pink coat and 80′s sunglasses and took some “fancy” pictures haha i’m obsessed with shoes. and i believe that i know how to pair them with the rest.
It’s 10pm on a Friday night what are you doing and where the hell are you? Probably “dancing my ass off” somewhere with my friends, eating Belgian fries (fuck yess) while moving from club to club. and when i’m sick or too tired (but this doesn’t happen very often on friday) i try to make some diy stuff – new purse or necklace. and in the summer i could be riding my bike for the whole night with my friends. sometimes from club to club too.
Where is your dream holiday destination? Beautiful, noisy and colourful NYC. i guess that this city is the best place to get inspired. and go shopping haha
Tell us one secret about yourself! I was dressed as a Minnie Mouse with huge, diy ears, when i was 4 at my kindergarten party.
When we asked for a single photo that best described herself—-Kate attached the below image—which is essentially what put her over the top as one of our two choices for our final two guest bloggers of 2012! We love a good Ass Shakin’!  It’s been a crazy year, so stay tuned while 666CHAMBERS and Kate send us out with a bang!