Designers that make me want to shoot myself because they’re so good and I can’t have every single piece they’ve ever made: Faustine Steinmetz.

If the name’s not ringing a bell, you’ve undoubtably seen their AW13 denim images floating around on your Tumblr dash (see below). Not only are they doing their part to keep the dream of the 90s alive, like Portlandia of the designer realm, with their stripped down aesthetic and imagery, but getting more in depth- they’re doing it through their deconstructed design process and the way they create their garments.


Rather than going the usual route of purchasing fabrics (or even customizing in the typical way of prints, etc.), Faustine Steinmetz spins, dyes, and hand weaves all of their fabrics and uses them to recreate classic pieces that nearly ever person has probably owned at least once in their life. In a similar fashion to our latest brand Hender Scheme, in a world of ‘it’s all been done before’, they are taking that notion and turning it upside down to re-invent something we thought we all knew in a completely different way. Take their 501 jeans I briefly mentioned earlier – they’re a simple pair of jeans made famous by Levi’s, but they’ve completely reconstructed them with their hand made fabrics to create something completely new and unseen before. In the simplest terms, they’re taking life’s lemons and making the best fucking lemonade you’ve ever tasted.


The AW13 collection ran rampant through the fashion world and now Faustine Steinmetz is being featured in editorials for Used Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Vogue and more. I mean, it’s really no surprise for how incredibly editorial each piece is and the hand created aspect of it makes it a natural stunner.

Faustine Steinmetz AW13 jeans in Used Magazine

Faustine Steinmetz photographed by Jeff Yiu

I personally have gone a little crazy for it (obviously the reason I’m divulging all about the label here on the blog). This particular fan (*cough obsessive stalker *cough) may have changed her screen saver to a 2000 pixel wide reminder that a certain yarn jacket is nearly $3k and they have to add a certain amount of every paycheck to their ‘You can finally own this’ fund. I will selfishly not show you what it looks like, but please enjoy these other fine pieces and imagery:









Fashion is slowly, but surely, moving away again from the mass produced, trash level quality pieces of the recent past (circa: discovering Forever21) and now, are more willing to invest time and resources into incredible thought out and limited designs like that of Faustine Steinmetz, Marques Almeida, and our aforementioned Hender Scheme. We’re sick of the crap, and this is how we’re taking that oh-so-popular (sometimes grossly – I’m looking at you mermaid-slut-1990′s of the tumblr world), 90s influence to a more important level.

Watch a video on their process below:

If you wanna become a full on Faustine stalker, too, here are your tools:

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A great interview with Faustine by Oyster Mag:

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