Designers that are quickly gaining my everlasting devotion: Josh Reim.

How am I just now finding out about this? Is this what happens when you’re so immersed in the industry of fashion that you’re actually missing out on everything that’s something? Is that getting a little deep for a glorified appreciation post? Maybe. But so what.

At first I was merely attracted to the imagery, because grainy, early to mid-2000s looking photos are the Pornhub to my fashion horniness, but then I started to take a better look at the clothing itself, and well, it’s just as bone worthy.




The clothes themselves may seem overly simple in design, but they leave little hints of poking fun at the world within. Take the button down shirt that has ‘pleasure, serenity, anxiety, 1-800′ on it – if you wanna get real philosophical, as we seem to be doing, then I guess you could fashion this into some long winded metaphor about how society is so buttoned up on the outside, but crying out for help in finding themselves within and looking to any outlet they can, such as 1-800 sex and help numbers. Or, just hear me out, it could also just be a mischievous play on late night commercials. Whatever, pick your poison.



Me too, bb.



And lest we not mention the play on ‘fashion faux pas’ going on here. We all have come to terms with socks and sandals as the biggest joke on the fashion industry this year, buuuuut, it’s catching on now, isn’t it? You’ve all scorned us up and down for trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. Well, honeys, fetch has happened. So suck it! Also the amazing nod to, what I assume everyone did in the early 2000s, rolled top sweatpants. Beauty is pain is what they say, right? No no. Now, comfort fashion IS fashion. It’s one big mind fuck that this girl is personally just thrilled about. I loved a rolled sweatpant, of course, mine was actually a velour juicy bellbottom, but that’s neither here nor there.



Taking another brief moment to tangent off and say I hope to God that Agent Cooper hair comes back. Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s have a little preview of what his AW14 collection ‘Bad Music for Good People’ looks like:


So, I mean.. it’s easy to see why my heart is almost (completely not) literally beating out of my chest for this dude’s ~ vision ~

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