DIY: Yoko Ono inspired knee pads

You know when you see something so amazing and so ridiculous at the same time that you just don’t know if you can justify buying? Enter every day of my life. Tina, our Graphic Designer, and I are real bad when it comes to this. So what better way to still make it happen AND have cash for holiday gifts (buying for other people? Ughhhhh) than to DIY it ourselves.

Yoko Ono just released a mens fashion collection that is so perfectly her aesthetic and what better place for it to go on sale than Opening Ceremony. A match made in over my budget heaven.

These are great for replicating, because they already look DIY and if you fuck it up.. who’s going to tell you so? THEY DON’T KNOW YOU, THEY DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU CAME FROM OR WHAT YOU WERE COPYING, as Tyra would say. So we headed down to our local Michael’s craft store and got down to business.

Fabric paint (I would recommend the markers- found here, but the paint pots we got worked too!)

Paint brushes (We used this one + this one)

Cup of water


Knee pads (we bought these)

First step is to figure out what you want on your knee pads. I took inspiration from the original Yoko Ono ones and painted eyes, but you know, jazzed ‘em up a little with some colored contacts. Tina is a type fiend and went with YES and NO painted on hers.

Get to painting! Make sure to be very deliberate and not to get paint on yourself, because that shit will spread all over your pretty white knee pads! I’m guilty of that, whoops. Paint in layers also, if you’re doing something that requires more than one color. Do one color first, let dry, then paint the others one at a time.

Let dry and take obligatory photo of your finished product.

Viola! Put on your best shoes and pretend to skate! That photo of actually putting these to use will come later.. or never, depending on how our skill develops. Don’t hold your breath.

FYI, knee pads are not as flattering as we anticipated. So, there’s that.

SHOES (Left to right):
Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Platform Sandals // Opening Ceremony Grunge Buckle Boot