With this Cycle of Ru Paul’s Drag Race coming to a close—I find myself in a bind. I am dying for next week, the finale and crowning moment. But then, what the hell am I going to do with my Monday nights? I guess I could check out that butt -and-gut class at my gym that I have been reluctantly ignoring. Here’s a toast to the queens from this season—thank you for keeping me gagging, in tears, and hashtagging for my life! #ohnoshebetterdidnt.


Are you Team Jinks?

The Seattle DRAMA Queen with pipes, laughs, sincerity and loyal fans has won over

the hearts of even the coldest bitches this season.

(image via



Or are you maybe Team Alaska?

Serving up Haus of Haunt realness, and drag couple royalty, this blonde babe serves up

Camp glam at it’s finest. Pittsburgh should be proud!


(image via Austin Young)

Or, are you a Pageant girl at heart, ahem, Team Roxxy Andrews.

Giving you a Kardashian moment covered in dripping jewels, sequins, and well, snide remarks!

Representing Florida Roxxy is serving body, hair, and everything in between–go girl!



Dear Solestruck Fans—WHO IS YOUR QUEEN!?


  • E

    I love Jinkx, but I want Alaska to win.

    Roxxy has a bad attitude and is not a role model to anyone but other mean girls.

  • Shelley

    I mean.. ALASKA ALL THE FRICKIN’ WAY. #shesmydragspiritanimal

  • gail

    It is scandal!