Don’t try this at home, kids

As one of the resident shoe-rus, today, my ego feels slightly demoted.

See, I’m working on a series for our site that will address different issues that people commonly encounter with their shoes, and how to fix them. We imagine that there will be a photographic tutorial for cleaning various types of material, fixing soles that are falling apart, using insoles, and replacing heel tips.

Today was supposed to be the very beginning. Bryce had set aside a gorgeous pair of brand-new Seychelles Adios Amigos in purple that were in our “kick-and-dent” pile (i.e., a pile of damaged shoes that customers return) for me to work on. Someone had returned them because there was a small spot of glue on the instep of one of the shoes:

(The above shot is a before image.) This happens once in a while during the manufacturing process, but is still relatively unsightly, albeit subtle.

After reading up about how to clean suede shoes, and hearing a lot of talk about not using water and protecting the nap by brushing it, I ran out to get some cleaning supplies.

And, for some reason, I thought that a basic suede cleaner would work. So I sprayed it on:

After some brushing and blotting and rubbing, and letting the spray soak in, it was pretty clear that we were getting nowhere in removing the glue. Great.

Then I found some Goof Off.

I know what you’re going to say: DON’T DO IT, DANIELLE. But I did. Oh yes…I did. But the thing is, Goof Off doesn’t tell you NOT to use it on leather. I decided to take the plunge:

Well, at first I thought everything was going fine. The leather looked a little more supple, and it seemed that maybe…just maybe that glue was coming off.

And after scraping and brushing and cajoling, this is the finished, dried product:


Moral of the story: Don’t use Goof Off on your shoes. If you see some glue like this stain, it’s probably from the manufacturer, so either contact them, or take it to a professional.

Shoes: 1

Danielle: 0

Stay tuned next time…hopefully it will be more helpful!

xoxo, danielle

  • Johnnyshoelover

    I bet it also doesn’t mention NOT spraying it on kids. Where is Jimmy? He has been goofing off…..

  • Tereza

    Good advice..I will NOT use goof off :D