Down The Rabbit Hole: Liberty Of London

Liberty of London is one of those places that will go down in history; they become a landmark, something that people flock to and photograph on vacations with the likes of the Eiffel Tower and pyramids of Egypt, so you know, 8th wonder of the fashion world. It’s the oldest and most talked about concept store in London that houses a haunting collection of boutiques and store displays that make you feel as if you’ve jumped down the rabbit hole an entered an alternate universe of floral butterflies and crystal chandeliers. This dream world also houses the hardest find labels and exclusive collaborations, such as the Dr. Martens x Liberty of London collab that launched recently.

Take a peek at the incredible display they’ve expertly created and even see into how it was made with a behind the scenes video!

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Dr. Martens x Liberty of London collaboration coming soon to Solestruck

  • k6ps

    I hope these are not for women only..