Doc Martens

On April 1st, 1960, the first pair of Dr. Martens walked off the assembly line and into the streets of England. Crafted in a factory in Wollaston, England, the shoe was initially created to serve as a work boot, but the iconic brand took off as it became a major player in the fashion of various punk subcultures. The classic 1460 was meticulously well crafted, featuring high quality Quillon leather and Goodyear-welted soles, making them near indestructible. Docs held onto relevance in street style through the decades, making a huge splash in the 90s as a part of grunge fashion.


In 2003 the company was forced to move production to the Far East, but held fast onto their first factory on Cobbs Lane. After a resurgence of popularity of the brand, Dr. Martens has re-opened their Wollaston factory and introduced the Dr. Martens Made in England line, a label attached to only 70,000 pairs out of 3.8 million made per year. Boots from the Made in England line are made with the same Quillon leather found on vintage . Cobblers at the Wollaston factory have returned to the original crafting processes, making direct replicas of the first shoes released by the brand. The collection takes the standard Dr. Martens to the next level, pushing their high standards of quality to create unique shoes with a original, vintage feel.