Every season it’s about what the next biggest trend is; camo, gladiators, crystal nose rings.. the list goes on, but in my opinion, it’s not what’s about trending on right now, it’s about what ya dig! Here’s a little (it’s not that little) list of what’s trending hard for me right now:

Mixed medias

Tailored silhouettes

60′s flashbacks

Throw your hair up and pile it on

Vinyl outerwear

Mountains of vintage fur

Morticia Addams does winter

Printed shirt dresses

Unbalanced proportions

Striped paired with beanies

Metallic Bowie moments

Biker babes

Maxi length menswear

Buttons galore

Oversized sweaters

Lucite jewelry

Mega oversized maxi tshirt dresses.. okay, just this Margiela one. Seriously, can I get the hook up? #cannotlivewithout

So yeah, that’s what I’m feelin’ these days.
Now I’ve just got to acquire all the essentials and make it happen.