D’yever think about that perfect moment when you find the perfect pair of shoes? That feeling as if you’ve stumbled upon vintage Dior in your mom’s closet? That rare and mind-blowingly beautiful moment?! For the past few months, I’ve been on a search for the perfect pair of height boosters; and the search is finally over thanks to the team of angels at Solestruck. Allow me to share with you… the perfect height-boosting soles for men *drum rolls* …

..the Areas Man boot from The Damned!

It’d be cliché to say I’ve worn these 2.5-inch beauties to their death, but I really have! I’ve worn them almost every single day. I can’t believe how comfy they are even after struttin’ (that’s right, struttin‘) in them for an entire day. Well, there’s also the Chinese myth that before you wear new shoes, you should bite them before they bite your feet–but I’m sure they’re comfy nonetheless! ;)

I shot these monsters in my 23rd birthday outfit!

Sigh…if only these boots came to me a week earlierrrrr…then my birthday would have been perrrrrfectttt…..!

Since I felt that I shouldn’t be the one having all the fun with these Areas boots, my beyond amazing friends and I came up with a little photo shoot! Here’s a little peek at what will be coming up in the next post!