Espadrilles and Betsey Johnson

The sun has been shining with all its might for the last few days here in the Pacific Northwest. Danielle is super excited about the summery weather, and in today’s edition of the Solevoice blog, she shares another seasonal trend, the espadrille, featured on the Betsey Johnson Bethany. This sandal, along with several other Betsey styles, has just arrived on the Solestruck site, so be sure to check them out!

As Danielle mentioned, espadrille soles aren’t only for mile-high wedges. Other options, such as the Baby Phat Espadrille Thong, the BC Footwear Typhoon and the Report Lola, sport the trend on lower silhouettes. Want to know more? Send an email to Danielle at She’d love to hear from you!