Everything is suitable for work–if you have headphones.

Brooke Candy is NSFW. I, however, have a feeling that she doesn’t give a shit about that fact. This video, DAS ME, came across my desk earlier today (thanks Kel Kel Baby), and I have had to watch it a few times. With looks that harken back to very early faces of a young No Doubt front woman—this over-the-top-space-inspired-sex-lioness, turned my headphones upside down as the rest of the office sat quietly typing away. With pounding lyrics about her sexcapades and weekend exploits, this insane video trails my new crush from cheap hotel room, to car hood, to quiet streets that look like the cul-de-sac my parents currently live in. Who is this bitch—and where has she been my entire life. DAMN!

  • RatchetCindy

    Totally agreed! She’s amazing