The insanely talented staff that run our retail location have just confessed–they are crazy white girls. You know the type. She’ll stalk a guy, drunk dial him, spend weeks organizing an accidental run in with an ex or current obsession! We all have a little of this inside of us….(who knew by hurling frozen 40 oz bottles of OLD E out of a moving car I would smash the windows to my EX-boyf’s house…oppps!) and now it’s time to let your freak flag fly—Valentine’s day Style. Our retail store is compiling a collage of images sent in from you, OUR fans! The theme…X your EX—take an old pic…and give him/her a little updating—if you will. Consider it therapy! This could be the final step of closure you need—to move on….or just…get even! Ahhhh February.

There are two ways to get them your images. I am sure they will formulate them into a blog post of some crazy sort to celebrate Valentines! You can email them…at, attach a pic that way, or post them on the RETAIL FB PAGE-–if you are in the PDX area and want to be updated on our RETAIL events and well, insane rants! Happy V-Day to all of you, both in Portland and around the world.

  • Lisa Ann

    OMG! I cannot wait to see these! I wanna date a jerk, just so I can participate.