Fall Men’s Contest

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We’re obviously heavy into sneakers and runners right now, but we’re curious to know what our customers are vibin’. Let us know, and you could be one of two winners to receive $250 in Solestruck Men’s credit BOI!

We do it because we love you.
And because we’re too lazy to do trend research.



Sucky Example You Have To Do Better Than To Win:

example post.jpg

Contest ends August 26th, so hop to it and let us know!
E-mail entries to


((Images from Solestruck Men’s Fall 2013 campaign, History of the Universe))

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 3.47.47 PM

  • Kristian Dahl

    Hi Solestruck!

    I would like to take part in your competition, but I don´t understand what “Create a mood board or Polyvore” means at all, and what I should do??