As you know we hail from Portland.  I should tighten that up a bit, Portland Oregon. You might often refer to it as Portlandia. Sure, some of friends have chickens, and some of our office mates are vegans who also make their own glitter out of imported German glass—but this is where we are from–and proudly so. Portland is it’s own mega-center of insanely talented people. Impactufl designers, elevated creatives, celebrated foodies, trending musicians and taste makers from all spectrums call PDX home—there are a lot of cute people here. However, our newest PDX Crush, might just take the cake–for now. Sink your teeth into wildfang, and mark our words #nextbigthing. Now, where is my blazer……….





What did Coolhunting have to say about the ladies of wildfang? Find out here. Now get your ass to Portland to pay us a visit already. So proud to be from Portland.

  • Chief Wildfang

    No no no Solestruck – we love you MORE

    Consider yourselves honorary Wildfangs and yes, we’ll sort out a rad blazer for you in the very near future.

    So much PDX love xo