MEET BRIDGETTE. She’s the babe behind our all time favorite fashion blog, FASHION LIKE HEROIN, and she’s also the motherf$#@king cutest thing on this planet. This fox is so high fashion, she hired a model and photog to shoot her pair of TBA Bound sneakers in Chrome. Do we love the result? Did we print out 50 copies and line our walls with it? Yeah, we did. We can’t get enough of this girl, so of course we were thrilled to interview her! Check it out below:

Bridgette Bayley


What do you do?
Line building and social media for Messeca NYC.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
So fucking many. Idk like, 30?

Your layout is really unique from other blogs…how did it come to life?
I change it all the time! Whenever I get bored I just search through different lay outs and mix it up. The uglier the better.

Do you ever get writer’s block? How do you overcome it?
Most of my blog writing is just whatever comes to mind right at that moment. Compulsive. Suggestive. Vulgur. Unnecessarily over the top.
For this kind of writing all I need is the power behind my instinctual reaction. It’s almost impossible to get writers block!

You described the cycle of trends really well in a recent post. How important is it for you to follow trends in your own personal style?
Extremely difficult! I mean, I am a Zara-holic, and constantly scooping up the latest Prada and Celine knock offs, but do the best I can to keep it on the dl seeing as this can often times make your look a bit cheap. I try to keep it real, but at the same time a girl can only afford so much Wang!

What trend are you least excited about?
80s. I feel like it’s too soon! But…Balenciaga Fall 12 is helping it make more sense to me.

What do you think is so addicting about fashion?
Trend analyzation. I am OBSESSED with studying and observing the way trends move all over the market. Seeing the Balenciaga Darth Vader visor turn in to a neoprene baseball hat at LF is my everything. Mind blowing. Also– when I have an accurate trend prediction makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside.

Future aspirations?
I will own a lifestyle brand that sells things like baby pink plated metal cigarette box protectors and matching baby pink basket balls.

Secret Talent?
My jaw clicks. Is that even a talent?

Mary-Kate or Ashley?
Ashley. I am so over the messyness of MK. (Love you girl!)

Diggin’ what you see? Get yourself a pair of the TBA Bound in Chrome right here!

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