Had to stay late just to catch all of the first pics from this year’s MET GALA!! Ahhh I die every year. The stars of fashion and their homely dates come out to show us all what it means to really dress up. Designers! Celebrities! Models! Oh my! Love it all. While there’s sure to be a ton of looks to come (and, let’s be honest, the candid party pics are always the best), here are some first-off standouts.

Met Gala tip #1: Start with gold. End with gold. Imagine yourself as a fish floating through a sea of fashion gold.

Ugh why does she have to be so perfect?! Our only solace is that extra shine on her ridiculously pretty face…

Dakota NOOOOOO! This isn’t the time or the place to wear your grandma’s ill fiting, depressingly colored 50th anniversary ball gown out in public. You do that at home, drinking with similarly dressed friends.

Okay, we get it Scarlett. You win. Always.

You Lana, do not win. Stick with the hipster pretty look, not drugged out gothic witch wizard.

Amy, like Tina Fey before, you can do no wrong in our eyes. Even when you slaughter a murder of rabid crows and stick their oily dead feathers on the bottom of your brocade peplum gown.

Umm isn’t fringe supposed to add volume??? RACHEL ZOE THIS ISN’T NATURAL.

We love you too Emma, but we already have a Zooey. And she already has a clone. Don’t be a third wheel in the twee-est of them all contest!

Not sure why, but we can totally get on board with this old lady, pioneer sheer overlay thing happening right now.

And finally, the supermodel that can pull any look off and make all humanoids seem so boring in comparison.

LOVE YOU MET GALA. Never change.

Images via thecut

  • Ash

    No Kate Bosworth? No Claire Danes?

  • Megan

    Perfect commentary!

  • carrie

    HA! someone needs to take rachel zoe to the doctor. slightly too skinny? sure, whatevs, but that looks FUNKY