So I’m back with my adventures and over the weekend I got to visit the playland of Mr Christian Grey (Everytime I look up in the sky in Seattle and see a helicopter, I wonder if that’s a real life Mr Grey in there….AH! So sexy!)- SEATTTTLE! Wheeeep I was so excited to be able to visit and to sum the trip up, it was really…grey. Guess it’s the weather but nevertheless, a beautiful city! Stuffed myself silly with a lot of seafood and saw some crazy things..I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking!

We took the Bolt Bus from Portland to Seattle, super fast, comfy and convenient and was greeted by this beautiful city scape! Ok, pix, no more words, pix.

Portage Bay Cafe- SeattleIMG_5691


Favorites included the GUM WALLLL! Which of course, I stuck some of my gum on, the thought of the whole thing is pretty gross to me but it was so cute, I loved it. And the crab pot! Where we had dinner with bibs on and were given a hammer and a board…seafood was poured all over the table in front of us and we hammered some crab, ate with our fingers..! Such a fun experience and super yummy. Seattle was a lot colder than Portland and it feels great to be back here in this small town. I had so much fun and I hope y’all enjoyed the pics!