One of our favorite bloggers and twitter followers is Nickie Frye over at We initially found her via her ETSY store and later fell in love with her posts, rants, blogs and photos. Her fresh take on styling and fashion are always blowing up our google readers. For example–after waiting for a month late shipment (ahem) of the Senso Wilma, Nickie did not waste anytime breaking them out just in time for Sunday Church Service. CAN I GET AN AMEN!

  • Gigi Bibeault

    When I took a look at those cute puppies at church on Sunday, I had NO IDEA you had just popped open the box with a whoop and a hollar and wore them to church just for praisin’ Jesus on Sunday. Halleleuia!
    Those doggies are mighty fine Nickie.
    Thanks for pointing out my phobia of fallng from high places with your blog!

  • saucy.

    These babies are even more gorgeous than I thought! Drooooool!

  • Reina

    They are even more wonderful in real life! I got my hands on them today :-) and they are soooooo worth it!