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We love Portland, Oregon.

It’s our hometown, and we appreciate it for so many reasons: its commitment to green living, its opinionated demeanor, its diverse culture, and its impeccably hip and edgy fashion sense. From hipster to glamazon, if you walk around downtown, you’ll see it all in one short block.

Willamette Week's FINDER 2008Another aspect of Portland that I personally really love is the array of alternative presses. In fact, if you’re in the Portland area, you can find us in the recently released Portland FINDER. It’s an awesome guide to Portland that is published annually by our very own Pulitzer Prize-winning alternative newsweekly Willamette Week. I’ve been grabbing FINDERs since their premiere in 2005, and I end up not only reading them cover-to-cover several times (all the features and even the restaurant listings are informative yet entertaining, in classic Portland snark, of course), I also grab a few for out-of-town guests. It’s a great resource for learning the city and for discovering new aspects of each neighborhood.

Here at, we want to celebrate Portland for all its quirks and all its pizazz, and for all of the snark and nuances that inspire us so much. So, if you live in the Portland-metro area, be sure to pick up a FINDER at any of these locations, and look for our [oh-so stylish] advertisement and coupon, as a way for us to say, just after turning four, “Thank you, Portland. We love you!”

Here’s to many more years in such an awesome community!



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