Folsom Prison Shoes

The Lasskaa for T.I.A.L.S collection is the Jailbait of the shoe industry.
I have taken design elements of my previous collections and mixed them around to form a one-of-a-kind anthology that will lure you in to only want more.

American born, Berlin based, Yasmin Martinelli (Chief Editor of SOSO Magazine) is just the sting that kills with her foxy legs.
By far one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on; the incredibly talented James Heal (Heal by Photo) was able to capture every alluring stride Yasmin took in Lasskaa.

Metal based heels, platform sandals, Texas booties and even introducing unisex pumps. This range will knock you sideways with its patient or stripped leather teamed with denim, suede or fur. All handmade to perfection, these babies could lock you up for life!

  • Stephanie

    can’t wait to have them in store!! <3