Bushwick, Brooklyn; where the art is.

Clearly Bushwick has a hard on for some good ol’ street art, and well, we do too. So what else is going on in this city of cool? Well, our good friends Mary Meyer are having a pop up event with our very own spanish based footwear brand, To Be Announced! Better known as TBA, they’ll be featuring a curated offering of the newest collection. Spikes and chrome for everyone! Not to mention some free booze..

So if you’re beatin’ around for something to do this Saturday night, or even if you already have plans (this is so much better! duh!), then come on out and shop some sweet shoes and awesome stuff from Brooklyn’s own, Mary Meyer!

  • Lynnette

    My boyfriend just shot a short film using the art of Bushwick as his background, so sick. Trying to round up some friends to come with me on Saturday but they’re all lame :(