FREE’S! Put Your Hands Up.

On our recent buying trip to Japan, obviously we did a ton of shopping. In addition to the many many tiny and insanely good shops we visited and bought from, we also went to several branches of FREE’S SHOPS. The upscale, but still street savvy, store became one of my favorites.  The selection is largely influenced by the West, but the vibe remains very Japanese. The collections are  well selected, and the store is a curracted work of genius that resembles what my dream closet would look like. The store carries top selections from global trendsetters and front runners in the ready-t0-wear game, the staff was perfectly styled, and everything was perfect. I grabbed their newest lookbook—and wanted to share it here with you. SOMETIMES DARK MOOD, is their newest project–which of course, was shot here in the states! #Kawaii