We are blessed with many, many great fans here at Solestruck. We have religious shoppers, style forward clients, and many many regular shoppers who make our job fun, exciting and worth while. One of those clients we love and adore hails from Seattle WA–we got to meet her in the flesh at our Flagship Grand Opening event in October—but we thought you might want to meet Leah  too! What sets Miss Beckelman apart? She is a size 12 foot and also quite tall–but she embraces both qualities when shoe shopping–and is always on the lookout for her next must have. What we love about her is she goes for huge wedges, tall heels and great shoes whenever we get in the, often hard to find size 12. Leah has great style, and stays true to her look—lots of black, a touch of goth, and nice service of practicality. Her confidence is what we love about her—her shoe addiction is an added bonus for us! She is also a driving force on our FB fan page, often helping other clients with larger sizes know what shoes run big, what shoes are impossibly small–and always chiming in on what she likes. Having a client, and now friend, is what our job is all about—bring shoes to everyone. In 2012, our goal is to over more shoes in more sizes—so all those 5′s, 11′s and 12′s get do their part, to also rid the world of ugly shoes! One pair at a time—no matter your size. Thanks Leah—for all your support as a client and fan. Happy Holidays!

Leah Beckelman: Shoe Goddess.

NAME: Leah Beckelman
SIGN: Aries
SIGNATURE COCKTAIL: Vodka & Cranberry juice
CELEBRITY CRUSH: Ryan Gossling, Rick Genest, & Mateus Verdelho
FAVORITE HOLIDAY GUILTY PLEASURE: Mashed potatoes and Andes mints (NOT together :P )

1. What is your most cherished or one very special holiday memory?
I always remember how I use to spend x-mas eve at my Grandma’s house and she would lay out cookies (for Santa) and carrots (for the reindeer) and a CLEAN Santa hat before I went to sleep. Then in the morning, the cookies and carrots would be eatten and a DIRTY Santa hat would be there to show that Santa stopped by and was thankful for the clean hat (after going down so many chimneys).

2. Do you have any special traditions with your family, or where you are from?
Half of my family is Jewish, so we do x-mas and Hanukah. Kids all through school were jealous that I got double the presents. Though I don’t think I got more than anyone else really did.

3. Where will you be spending NYE this holiday season?

Either Seattle or Portland

4. If you could find one single person in your stocking on Christmas morning, who would it be and why?
It would be really great to have dim sum with my Bubbie (Yiddish for Grandma) one last time. Being Jewish means there’s nothing to do on x-mas morning. We always go and have Dim Sum that day.

[Leah, Working the foxxy. A staple in any size.]

5. If, hypothetically, you were going to gift yourself one pair of shoes from Solestruck, which shoe would it be?

My dream would be to own a pair from Haus of Price (ANY PAIR), but since they don’t make them big enough… YET. Or i’ll settle for the JC Zip 2 Studs

[A group shot with the ladies at her wedding!]

6. If you were going to gift someone on your list a shoe from our site—who would it be for and which shoe would you give them?

It’s super hard for me and my friend Emily to find awesome shoes in bigger sizes. I would gift her a pair of Blue Velvet Tardys. She’s been eyeing them for a while.

7. Give us a percentage breakdown of how Naughty Vs Nice you have been this year.
65% Naughty, 35% Nice

8.  Be honest—-egg nog lattes?
NO. Egg Nog mochas!

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