Friends/Fans/Family/Fanatics: It's MELODY TIME.

Melody was our first guest blogger here at Solestruck, but I think what really drove us to the next level of love with her is her love of  shoes, style and fashion. We have now become friends—and this friendship even includes skype sessions during our black Friday super sale! If you haven’t checked out her blog take some time to do so—and get to know her a little better with our holiday Q&A below. Live from Singapore—-meet MELODY!

NAME: Melody
LOCATION: Singapore
RELATIONSHIP TO SOLESTRUCK: I was the first guest blogger for the solestruck blog!
SIGN: Scorpio
NUMBER OF SHOES: Lost count…
CELEBRITY CRUSH: George Clooney…& Jude Law, but a less slutty version.
FAVORITE HOLIDAY GUILTY PLEASURE: A full cooked out dinner and having third servings. Just because I eat..ALOT. And buying winter wear even though its summer all year round in Singapore. How can I say no to some faux fur?!

1. What is your most cherished or one very special holiday memory?
When my penpal, Sophie from England came to Singapore to stay with me for 2 weeks, we spent Christmas eve cooking meatballs all morning and then had the most gorgeous afternoon picnic with some friends. It was the classiest picnic ever, we drank lemonade from wine glasses and ate from pretty lunch boxes we bought from Ikea the day before. Took tons of polariods and just rolled around. Then we joined my church for some caroling, going house to house singing till our throats went sore. I had to work on Christmas, but me and Sophie ended up having dinner at Mcdonalds and just laughing our hearts out walking home acting like drunktards. It was simple but I had a blast. I am so sorry for being so whiny on just the first question but I think we need a photo to prove this!: 

2. Do you have any special traditions with your family, or where you are from?

Nah.. I usually just go caroling with church, its a lot of fun and we wait till its christmas and we all shake hands and sing even more! My family isn’t all big on Christmas so I usually have my own cookouts and just EAT!

3. Where will you be spending NYE this holiday season?

Singapore.. Probably in my bedroom writing out a list of things i am grateful for this past year.  Otherwise at some dinner party..blowing confetti and singing and dancing karaoke.
4. If you could find one single person in your stocking on Christmas morning, who would it be and why?
Jude Law. The picture says it all. He is a sex god with the most perfect accent. I want the Jude Law from The Holiday. Not shaggy jude. But then again, I just love him.
5. If you could grant one wish this holiday season, no matter how large, what would it be?
To be genuinely happy every single day, with nothing that could ever stop me from feeling that way. Ok and maybe some cash,,, so I could get myself a few pairs of shoes from Solestruck. Yum.

6. If, hypothetically, you were going to gift yourself one pair of shoes from Solestruck, which shoe would it be?
Jeffrey Campbell’s Perfect 2. They remind me of everything Prada and I love it to bits, I even dreamed of wearing them last night on my date with Jude.

7. If you were going to gift someone on your list a shoe from our site—who would it be fore and which shoe would you give them?

My best friend. She wants Jeffrey Campbell’s Get Out in Black..and so do I!!!!

8. Give us a percentage breakdown of how Naughty Vs Nice you have been this year.

Teehee. Its the holidays! No point keeping a secret right?

9.  Be honest—-egg nog lattes?

No way….!!

10. Send us out with a holiday greeting for your friends, and the solestruck fans!

XOXO From Singapore! Happy holidaysss!!!!! LOTSA LURRRVEEE <3