With a name like Calla Nyenhuis, and a shoe collection that is rivaling the likes of a mini-Mariah–you are not easily forgettable, especially by the likes of our Customer Service team. Calla has been a client with Solestruck for sometime—her passion for shoes, knowledge of collections, brands and lines, combined with an ongoing pursuit of her next dream heel is what drew us to her initially–(birds of a feather….)—but after meeting her at our Grand Opening we were even more obsessed. Based in Seattle, Calla is often seen on our Facebook page letting clients in on fit issues, color questions or shoe drama. She is a true fan of our site, and a member of the solestruck elite. We though you might want to get to know more about her—and we think you will agree, this is one shoe fiend who is going somewhere! Love you Calla! Happy Holidays.

NAME: Calla Nyenhuis
RELATIONSHIP TO SOLESTRUCK: Addicted buyer.  Shoe fiend.  Soleslave.
SIGN: Taurus, but I was ALMOST a Gemini.
SIGNATURE COCKTAIL: Psssh!  Champagne, dahling.
NUMBER OF SHOES: 130…ish.  Shhh.
CELEBRITY CRUSH: The eternally beautiful Charlize Theron.  And Hollywood It Boy, Ryan Gosling.  Blue Valentine just cinched it for me.
FAVORITE HOLIDAY GUILTY PLEASURE: Triple Coconut Cream Pie from Dahlia Bakery.  Yes.

[Seattle Shoe-lebrities]

1. What is your most cherished or one very special holiday memory?
Dancing to the Russian Candy Cane song (or Dance of the Mirlitons) in a huge, 80s, bright red, chiffon prom dress with my grandparents.  The year my dad got me the go-kart with the lawnmower engine was pretty freaking awesome too.

2. Do you have any special traditions with your family, or where you are from?
Pizza and going to a non-Christmas movie.  In other words, as many carbs as possible as fast as possible into my tummy NAO.

3. Where will you be spending NYE this holiday season?
Nooo!  Don’t ask me!  I’m terrible at planning NYE.  I’ll figure something out;  just no questions!

4. If you could grant one wish this holiday season, no matter how large, what would it be?
Legalize gay marriage.  Second, Newt Gingrich goes AWAY.

[Stay Golden Calla]

5. If you could find one single person in your stocking on Christmas morning, who would it be and why?
My best friend, Leah.  Or getting a ticket to Milan so I could visit.  I need a hug and coffee time with her so bad.

6. If, hypothetically, you were going to gift yourself one pair of shoes from Solestruck, which shoe would it be?

You mean after all the others I “gifted” myself during Black Friday?  The Iris Laced shoe in grey (which luckily is out of stock in my size, so I don’t have to feel the disappointment).

7. If you were going to gift someone on your list a shoe from our site—who would it be for and which shoe would you give them?

The black Clift for Karla.  She loves them so and I want a Clift buddy.

8. Give us a percentage breakdown of how Naughty Vs Nice you have been this year.
That depends on your definition of naughty.

9.  Be honest—-egg nog lattes?
Meh.  Maple syrup breves.  That’s the ticket.

10. Send us out with a holiday greeting for your friends, and the solestruck fans!

May your winter wonderlands include shoes, your holiday beverage of choice and truffles.  The Spiked Litas will be restocked.  For reals.

  • Tori

    Does Calla have a blog? I would love to see that shoe collection!!