FRIENDS/FANS/FAMILY/FANATICS: Meet the love of our lives, KIARA!

Matiko has become a celebrated  brand among Solestruck regulars. There is a sense of ease and panache to the LA inspired collection that effortlessly combines sophistication and pop, to create a range of wearable footwear gems that just make you feel good. We have been working with Matiko for over a year now, and Kiara oversees our account—our special Matiko/Solestruck exclusives and keeps us in check at shoe shoes—even when pizza is being served! Blogger, stylistas, friend, and international woman of mystery—we love Kiara! We are lucky to have such great vendors–and all the special attention she gives us—s0, sending out some Holiday cheer to the entire MATIKO team…and well to all of you! Get to know Kiara here, and shop our current MATIKO best sellers here!

NAME: Kiara Schwartz
LOCATION: Orange County California
RELATIONSHIP TO SOLESTRUCK: In a open yet very special relationship with Solestruck
SIGN: Virgo
LINK: side job! ;-)
NUMBER OF SHOES: do I have to count the ones stored in bins in my garage due to lack of space? I would have to say 60 pairs of Matiko’s <3
CELEBRITY CRUSH: Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively I can have a girl crush right?
FAVORITE HOLIDAY GUILTY PLEASURE: Singing along to Mariah Carrys “All I want for Christmas is you” REALLY loud in my car…every time its on!

1. What is your most cherished or one very special holiday memory?
Any Family Holiday moment is special to me…

2. Do you have any special traditions with your family, or where you are from? Where I am from the Christmas ferry brings presents not Santa Claus…

3. Where will you be spending NYE this holiday season? In the snowy land of Switzerland! With Chocolate and Cheese… ;-) not even kidding.

4. If you could grant one wish this holiday season, no matter how large, what would it be? To all of a sudden have all my friends and family in one spot in the world. … and maybe an amazing house in Santa Monica or Venice on the Beach… you said doesn’t matter how large, so I went there… ;-)

5. If you could find one single person in your stocking on Christmas morning, who would it be and why? My Dad… cause he will be the only one missing to make our little family complete.

6. If, hypothetically, you were going to gift yourself one pair of shoes from Solestruck, which shoe would it be? The MATIKO Talia in green snake!

7. If you were going to gift someone on your list a shoe from our site—who would it be fore and which shoe would you give them? I would gift a pair of the LEE’s in Leopard to my Mom… cause she won’t stop asking me about them… Alsoooo… would give any pair to Rumi Neely in hopes of them popping up on Fashion Toast!

8. Give us a percentage breakdown of how Naughty Vs Nice you have been this year. I would say it’s a 70/30 nice/naughty … hehe

9.  Be honest—-egg nog lattes? Ewwww… really? Not a fan!

10. Send us out with a holiday greeting for your friends, and the solestruck fans! This holiday enjoy every moment with family and friends and give a little extra love to those in need. Tell your parents you love them and give your brother and/or sister a hug! J … and also make sure to get yourself some lovely gifts for under the tree… possibly some Matiko’s from Sole Struck?! J Happy Holidays to everyone! XOXO

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