We have been carrying DV and Dolce Vita for years—but it wasn’t until we got paired with in-house client relations guru Rachel Merryman that our Dolce Vita love affair went into full swing. Rachel took us under her wing–and launched our career as full fledged Dolce Vita addicts. Since then Rachel has graduated onto other responsibilities and accounts, but our love that was established over a series of fun emails and prank calls has not wavered. We got the chance to intro her to our entire team at our retail store grand opening—but we wanted to take this chance to introduce you to her! Happy Holidays Rachel, thanks for all your help and love of our Dolce Vita Account! YOU ROCK!

[photobooth cuties]

NAME: Rachel Merryman
LOCATION: Portland’s sophisticated neighbor: Seattle, WA
RELATIONSHIP TO SOLESTRUCK: OG account manager and bestie.
SIGN: Gemini
SIGNATURE COCKTAIL: French 76, but don’t trust it if the bartender asks what it is…
NUMBER OF SHOES: somewhere between Mariah and Oprah
FAVORITE HOLIDAY GUILTY PLEASURE: I am a total holiday nerd.  I go all out.  I love singing Christmas music, watching the movies, drinking eggnog (and hot cocoa), stockings, santa, the whole 9 yards.  Plus I LOVE Christmas shopping for people.  I’m usually finished before December hits.

[you know what they say about a girl in red pumps........]

1. What is your most cherished or one very special holiday memory?
My parents used to make us complete these scavenger hunts for our gifts.  Really elaborate clues making us go all through the house and (often) outside.  As though Christmas wasn’t already fun enough as a child, they made a game out of gifting.  The funny thing is, I can’t remember any of the gifts I got… just how much fun I had finding them!

2. Do you have any special traditions with your family, or where you are from?

I used to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” every year with my mom.  We would cry our eyes out every time without fail and we loved it.

3. Where will you be spending NYE this holiday season?

With friends and Champagne!

4. If you could grant one wish this holiday season, no matter how large, what would it be?

I would want to give everyone the opportunity to have warm, loving, and happy holidays.

5. If you could find one single person in your stocking on Christmas morning, who would it be and why?

Neil Diamond… um, it’s personal.

[This is a place where shoe dreams are made]

6. If, hypothetically, you were going to gift yourself one pair of shoes from Solestruck, which shoe would it be?
I’m a little biased, working for Dolce Vita, but without a doubt I’d go with the Juliet in black.  It’s tough and sexy at the same time.  Make ‘em say UH!

I’m also super into the Kobe Husk LEGER BROGUES. I would not be upset if those walked into my closet.

7. If you were going to gift someone on your list a shoe from our site—who would it be fore and which shoe would you give them?
For my silver fox manfriend: Timberland Boot Company COUNTERPANE CHUKKA MENS
Manly, yes.

8. Give us a percentage breakdown of how Naughty Vs Nice you have been this year.
100% nice… I’m just being honest!

9.  Be honest—-egg nog lattes?
so yum… I love red cup season!

10. Send us out with a holiday greeting for your friends, and the solestruck fans!
Merry Christmas to all and to all some good style!

[Um holiday color coded hotties!]