Fringe is on for fall ’08

We keep hearing a rumor that fringe is a growing trend for fall 2008 … and no, we’re not referring to Fox’s new sci-fi series.  We’re talking about the new sandals, flats, boots and “shooties” arriving daily at the Solestruck office.  We also saw tons more at WSA last week.

Jeffrey Campbell Top Fringe Gladiators were the big thing this summer.  They’re not disappearing for fall, either; they’re getting fringe, too.  Check out this new arrival from my man Jeffrey Campbell (right).

The style is called Top Fringe, and my friends over at JC say it’s been flying off the shelves.   They’ll be all about fringed boots, hangbags and mocs in the upcoming months … also check out his blog for more.

Worried about how to wear fringe?  Don’t worry … you don’t have to go all Pocahontas or Calamity Jane.  This season’s fringe is more of an accent than a full-on feature.  “it’s very sexy, the way it moves,” said Genevieve Jones, (in the Huffington Post article, “Fringe is Back”).

- Katie

  • LuLu124

    yes i’ve totally been hearing about this upcoming trend!!! although i’m not really sure how to pull it off without seeming like a hillbilly yet, a bit of a fringe on some yummy heels does sound great :) )) xoxo, lulu

  • Budget Chic

    I think they are taking this trend into handbags and coats as well.

  • Katie

    @Budget Chic, you’re absolutely right … handbags and coats will be sporting plenty of fringe in the fall, too! However you wear it, though, just be sure not to go overboard … (not that you would) … because as they say, less is more!

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