We are prepping our new arrivals from Osborn to go up on the site….but thought we would share a little bit more with you about this brand we have fallen in love with…..OSBORN DESIGN STUDIO.

All the materials for each shoe are individually hand-cut and and each shoe is assembled by hand. Here is what they had to say about production, fashion and doing something from the heart.

Osborn owns its own production workshop located in Guatemala. We currently have 25 artisans and 4 administrators employed full-time. We work personally with our production team to ensure high quality handcrafted shoes – entirely fair trade with locally sourced materials.

Each and every Osborn shoe represents not only a fashionable statement, but also a step in the right direction in respects to world employment and sourcing standards – we believe it is ever more important to know where your valuables come from.

Co-founder Aaron Osborn, whose family runs one of the largest orphanages in Guatemala, stumbled upon the idea for Osborn in 2007 when he met an out-of-work cobbler while doing charitable work in the country. He and co-founder, Carla Venticinque, were searching for a way to combine their artistic backgrounds with their desire to uplift their adopted homeland. This search led to Osborn Shoes. That initial passion and drive to develop something different and with meaning still remains at the core of this Greenpoint Brooklyn based company. Each season their vision grows—and we are proud to offer a small selection of their amazing styles for you here on We will get the new arrivals up asap.

[Above photo from 21-7 article on the magic that is Osborn]

To get an even better picture of what the kids at OSBORN are up to…check out this great article on the brand at 21-7 magazine.