Fug or fab? Heel protectors

I was looking through my daily dose of fashionable shoe blogs this morning, when I came upon a blog posting on the Well-Heeled Society. Apparently the fabulous Felicia over there gets to sample some HeelSkinz, which is a type of heel protector. Now, this wasn’t the first time I’d read about heel protectors. A few months ago, I heard of a product called the Achilles Shield, another device that you sort of slip onto your pair of heels to protect them from dirt and staining and scratches, particularly when you’re driving:

The HeelSkinz are similar, although, when I first saw them, I thought it was a device to basically add an ankle strap to your shoe:

So basically, my question to you, my lovely fashionistas is this: Are these devices fabulous enough for you to wear, or are they too out-of-control even to be seen in your car?



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