Gee Wa Wa! New Brand Alert!

Gee Wa Wa is a new brand we are spotlighting for July on We are so excited to be introducing the “Claw Collection” (named after the obvious shape of the shoes, and of the catfights these are causing among our clients), three styles of outrageous shape, feeling, proportion and style. A collection that is typically more known for bohemian styling with special detail to luxxe materials and elements of comfort–this new group is a new direction for the California based company. On their website they say the following about their boutique brand:  “Gee Wawa stays true to its style and look, inspired by the classic with a touch of the bohemian. From earthy boots to distressed ballets, Gee Wawa seeks to stay original and true to the style we commit ourselves to.” We say, Yes, more and bring the noise G.W.W. We love it so hard!

Check out our new landing pages that were created by one of our favorite bloggers NUBBY TWIGLET. We are working on a new blogger collabo series, featuring bloggers like Nubby–more info on this soon! So much in the works!

We are currently pre-ordering the Gee Wa Wa collection with deliveries on or about July 15th, 2010. Of course, limited supplies and quantities on these amazing styles. Beef up your fall selection now with one of the three styles ont his crazy over-the-top wedge.

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