We’re weird people here at Solestruck. Just this morning, I followed a dude off the morning bus commute and to his place of employment–just to examine where somebody so immaculately dressed could possibly work. Turns out he works at Nordstroms. Yes, this really happened. Yes, I left “weird” and entered “creepy” with my behavior.

As humans do, we’re attracted to folk of our own kin; and for us, that’s other weirdos. One of whom is the glorious Jayne Min. You may know her as STOPITRIGHTNOW, unapologetic tomboy street queen. A dumpy Céline sandal, over-sized camo jacket, super-sized Carl’s Jr., breeze machine and personal style so bloody ferocious she makes coffee nervous. Get into it:

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If there were ever a lady to wear Solestruck Men’s and do it right….

Alas, our dreams have been realized:

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101013 9a“I managed to reverse squeeze my feet into these Adidas x Raf Simons. That’s what thick socks are for. The colors are ugly and obnoxious in the most perfect way – something about burgundy/navy combos that just gets me.”

If the shoe fits! Wear what you wear, and do it on purpose.


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  • Angela

    Freaking LOVE her style.