GET BOOZ’d: Backlot Block Party


In forces with The Yeah Gurl Show (an org. that merges street art and fashion into rad parties),  Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles will host a Summer’s-basically-over-ah-fuck-it block party this Saturday, August 25th. The event will encapsulte the following:

Clothing vendors: Chris HabanaMink PinkCheap MondaySaltwater Gypsy(PUR) Project Urban RenewalJust Say Native. More.

Tunes: Anthony Gonzalez of M83. Juan Velasquez of Abe Vigoda. Gran Rande of Mirror TalkOrfeo.

Food // Booze: Clara’s Cakes. Free Range. Food trucks. Your own lovely flask.

100 FREE COPIES of Solestruck’s bi-annual zine, FIRST TIME, given away in  $WAG BAG$:

Chris Habana, Cheap Monday, M83, First Time AND booze. Hasta la later, Summer.

Attend, take rad photos of you with your new zine, send ‘em our way and see your pretty face on our blog!

click HERE to rsvp // click HERE to view the zine online