CALLING ALL CREATIVES!!! We’re gearing up for round 2 of the Solestruck ‘Zine FIRST TIME! The first go-around we dubbed “The Connected Issue” because we relied on our personal collective of colleagues and friends to make it happen. It was a beautiful and fun, bursting hurricane of creativity and we learned a ton. This time, our theme is something that is near and dear to us all—CHILDHOOD. Striking similarities and disturbing differences make up this important part of our collective pasts and for this, we wanted to widen the circle of people who could work with us on bringing this to life.

Whether you’re an artist, photographer, poet, essayist or closeted creative just looking for an outlet. We want you to submit to VOL 2: THE CHILDHOOD ISSUE!

(Image via First Time Vol. 1; by Sashiko Yuen)

Project Overview:

The Childhood Issue will explore all issues of Childhood, of course, a vast and highly personal subject. It is our goal, that by leaving this umbrella theme very open, and in a sense, vague, it will inspire a varied and highly evolved level of submissions. The reception of our first zine was through the roof–and we are hoping that issue 2, will take our vision even further. From each contributor we hope to gain a unique view, and very personal take on what CHILDHOOD means to them. Please keep in mind–while we love a shoe–our zine is not footwear focused.

The second issue of our zine will explore the changing role of importance that our CHILDHOOD plays in our current sociological settings and everyday life.

For submissions, we are hoping to gather content that spans a myriad of criteria and mediums, while keeping the overriding theme in mind. We are hoping to leave the creative process organic for each contributor. The overall theme of the zine will have a definite artistic/creative/editorial/avant-garde feel to it, and we do not wish to place boundaries on your submissions.

(Image via Vol. 1; Photo by Brendan Coughlin, styled by Anna Branch/Melissa LaChance)

Submission/Jury Process:

We are happy to host an open call for Artist/Photo/Creative’s for this upcoming issue. All submissions will be considered for the issue by our team of editors and in-house creatives.  We will be accepting proposals and/or final projects, however not all can be printed in the final edit.  With questions about the submission process, or to contact one of our editors about your concept please email and one of us will reach out to you. For any of you preparing editorial based submissions please feel free to also reach out for access to our stylist shoe archive.

(Image via Vol. 1; Shot by Nick Wilson, styled by Shelley Buche)

Submission Deadlines:
All Submission for FIRST TIME VOL. 2 are due January, 7, 2013.

This is an amazing opportunity to get your work published and showcased to a diverse and international audience.

We’re looking forward to your contributions!!!

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