get the discount code for Sunday and Monday!

This sale is so insane…50% off today and tomorrow all goods on our SALE page. Shop it up for amazing savings.  Enter FP72HMPZF in ALL CAPS to receive discount. Final Sale. No returns. Questions? Email us @

  • Alinn

    The code above doesn’t work

  • Feebs

    Lame. I was definitely going to spend over £100 – but the code didn’t work. Nor did signing up for email alerts to get a new one.

    TOTAL business failure.

  • http://Website Nicole

    The code isn’t working for me either.

  • Nika

    The code worked until I made my purchase and was then charged full price for both of them. Code failure.

  • http://Website Nicole

    The code finally worked, only to have it charge me full price on the confirmation like Nika. I hope you’ll be fixing this.

  • http://Website Vanessa

    Code did not work, WTF how lame spent an hour on website

  • http://Website Erin

    The same thing happened to me. I was charged the whole price for a pair of shoes. I hope Solestruck corrects it and still honors the 50% off.

  • Guisselle

    code is invalid when I went to check out with 3 pairs of shoes. It happened to my friend as well. Smells like a scam

  • http://Website Agnes

    The invoice was still the same price.. worse, i receive two invoices which seriously scare me. do get back asap pls! thanks.

  • Lisa

    I tried to post prior it did not work just thought I would try again. The PIN works if you use FP72HMPZF. The PIN is the blog looks to be for Saturday at 40% off. Use FP72HMPZF for 50% off on the sale items.

  • http://Website D

    I was ready to spend up, but Code FP72HMPZF not valid at checkout. Must be an error. No response to emails.

  • admin

    Make sure to use code FP72HMPZF in ALL UPPER CASE to receive discount!

  • suz

    yah, what do you think we’re doing admin?

  • Nika

    I did use the correct code. The code worked, it worked up until the point where it it gave me my confirmation and order number which indicated that I paid full price. I used the code that is in your friday blog and the code I got in email. As soon as I got the confirmation/order number page I checked my bank account and I was charged full price for both pairs.

  • Erin

    Yeah, what Nikia said. I made sure 100% I was using the correct 50% off code, it said it was successful and gave me the 50% off price, until the end when I was charged the full amount at the last second. It absolutely was not an error on my part.

  • admin

    Sorry for this terrible glitch. We will absolutely honor the discount for any orders placed over the weekend or yesterday that did not receive the correct discount. Email us at or call us at 800-494-1260 M-F 7AM – 5PM. We appreciate your business!