Get This Off My Chest.

In the next few weeks we will be launching our second Spring Delivery from To Be Announced. For this second Spring delivery, the Spanish based brand has pumped up the intensity—–bringing back some updates to previous season best sellers, introducing some new colors in fan favorites and  introducing a new collection of sneakers and ankle boots that are litterally dripping with studs. I said LITERALLY. DRIPPING. WITH. STUDS. Get into this, and prep yourself for dealing with this new group of shoes which have literally descended from shoe heave to take over your life. Details to come soon—should be up on presale by April 15th give or take!

Um—can I get a HELL YES!?

For those of you who like it naughty….anddddddddd nice.

Sorry, what did you say? I couldn’t hear you, I was busy dying.

Just Stop. Stop. Please, I beg you.

So, consider this a sneak peak. The collection is so insanely good and we will have it up on the site in a matter of weeks. Be prepared to go insane for the goodness that is TBA.

  • Clara-Fina

    HOLY SHIIII!!!!! wow, I need all of these /dying right now

    • ty

      We are dying for this new TBA collection.

  • Oh my gosh, SHOES!

    OH WOW! Those pink boots! AMAZING!

    • ty

      So stoked you love them! How are you girl?

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