Getchya Boots Guurrrllll

The verdict is in…

(And we appreciate your patience lovelies)


You are the lucky winner of the DESPERATELY SEEKING Luxury Jones contest!

When in doubt, make us laugh.

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Saw you ’round da hood- thug4life- living in the ghettoooo, norf philly

Yo mami. I saw you walking down the block. Not gonna lie, the first thing I saw was your sexy smooth, supple backside.
You dress so fly girl. Fresh to death, with those belts hugging your body in all the right places. You had me sprung.
The way the sun hit your tan skin, all I could say was dayummmmmm! When you heard me, you looked back, but you was so sexy, I lost my swag.  See ma, you had me speachless, so I didnt even get to tell you I was trynna holla at you. You a dime piece, and I wanna be the one to polish you. Hit me up at Or catch me ’round da way. Peace.
Thanks so much for all the AMAZING entries. It was a difficult decision. We love you long time!
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