Getting a new perspective on precipitation

Jeffrey Campbell WellyWeather reports in Portland are predicting rain for the next week. Being a native Northwesterner, I know it’s useless to wish it away, so instead I’m gaining a new perspective on precipitation by shopping for a fabulous pair of rain boots.

Think about it. When you were a kid, rainy days and puddle-jumping rocked. Now that you’re (a little) more mature, rain boots aren’t just for rain anymore; they can also make an outstanding fashion statement.

Today’s rain boots have progressed far beyond the boring black rubber basics that used to be your only option. Take, for example, the Jeffrey Campbell Welly (left). With its trendy tweed and sophisticated topline, this rain boot looks just as appropriate in the office as it does in the park.

Chooka OriginalWant something a little more colorful? Choose a Chooka rain boot. Whether you choose the Original style (right), the Signature, or the Western Chief, the bright shades and funky patterns are sure to stand out against the dreary weather. Or, if your style swerves more toward the alternative/indie edge, submerge yourself in a pair of Steven Madden Flood rain boots, with its tiny skulls or camo print (left).

Steve Madden FloodNo matter how you splish and splash, rain boots are comfy, practical and finally just as stylish as your other shoes. With all-rubber construction and a bit of padding, they’ll keep the water out and the warmth in. So get in on the trend with your own pair of funky, fashionable rain boots. Now … where’s the nearest puddle?

  • Natalie

    yeah! i luv rainboots. the Chooka with the rubber duckies is the cutest.

  • Sherman

    Thanks for the tips. Good points to be thinking about!