Getting to know you: Karen Blanchard

Earlier this month we did a brand collaboration with, the Jeffrey Campbell MEDS boot and NYC based blogger Karen Blanchard. Her blog, wheredidyougetthat details her fashion adventures here in the US, and follows Blanchard, who hails from London, taking her readers on a trek of amazing photos, eclectic styling and 24/7 NYC Fashion. Blanchard recently pow-wowed with Solestruck blogger Ty McBride, dishing on NY, music, shoes, and all things fashion. The below quotes were extracted from their conversation. ENJOY.

Q: Fall is here! What are your staples for the season—what’s your newest obsession and your favorited go to for fall?

Wool maxi skirts or winter black leggings with oversized knits and ALWAYS – the platform boots oh and wool floppy hats. Latest obsession? hmmm. A great navajo poncho to wear over anything. I’m really into vintage satchel bags too.
Q: You headed to London for the holidays? What is your favorite London shopping destination?

Actually I might be heading to St Lucia for Christmas. Makes a change. Fave London spots to shop are the markets: Spitalsfield, Nottinghill. All brilliant for casual style.  I could wear clothes from there only every day.

Q: We love how consistent and “you” your style is…how would you sum up your look in five words or less?

wow that’s hard. I’ll take a stab:  Fun, unexpected and a bit boho.

Q: Top five songs playing on your Ipod these days?

Actually any Bob Marley old school tracks.

Q: Who is your current celeb crush?

Always loved Lenny Kravitz. Both as a style inspiration and um… otherwise….

Q: What’s next for wheredidugetthat?

World domination loll!! no really I have absolutely no idea. I just hope to keep growing and who knows? make a career out of it in one shape or form? time will tell :-)

Q: What is your dream career?

Anything that spins around what I do now which is blogging

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